June 27, 2019 The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab of the University of Zurich and Swiss Post, Novartis, Swiss Export Risk Insurance, and Zurich founded the association “Swiss Digital Trade Platform”. 

July 10, 2019 The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab and the Green Digital Finance Foundation launch a collaboration program to accelerate the development of “Green Digital Finance”. More information can be found here:


April 16, 2019 Thomas Puschmann joins delegation of President Ueli Maurer for an official visit to China from Apr. 22nd to Apr. 30th. More information can be found here:


March 01, 2019 Thomas Puschmann was elected as one of the “Movers and Shakers” of the Swiss FinTech scene 2018. More information can be found here:


January 12, 2018 The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab becomes member of the new Swiss Blockchain Taskforce from the Federal Department of Federal Department of Economic Affairs

Education and Research and the Federal Department of Finance. More information can be found here:


December 13, 2017 Thomas Puschmann is chairman of the new National Committee on Blockchain from the Swiss Association for Standardisation (SNV). More information can be found here:

July 21, 2017 Thomas Puschmann appointed as member of the Swiss Innovation Council Innosuisse. More information can be found here


April 3, 2017 The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab is part of the “Swiss C-Share project”. This project aims at developing the world's first fully digital share. More information can be found here(video on Google Drive).


April 1, 2017  New position paper published on "Digital Banking 2025"


February 2, 2017  New paper published on “Fintech"

The paper describes the evolution of the term Fin(ancial) Tech(nology), its definitions, dimensions and future research topics.


October 3, 2016  Launch of the first FinTech track at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)

The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab organizes the first international conference track on FinTech - Financial Technology and the Digitization of Financial Services (PDF) at the 2017 European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2017).


May 10, 2016 Blockchains for Cold Chains

The UZH startup pitched its blockchain idea at the ETH Entrepreneur Club and was awarded with the 2nd place out of 50 participants on Monday, May 9, 2016. See here for more.


Apr 4, 2016 Swiss Fintech Innovations Association Founded

The formation of the association Swiss Fintech Innovationshas been broadly covered in the media.



Feb 22, 2016 What's Fintech?

Fintech in a nutshell - explained in this video on NZZ online, featuring a short interview with Swiss Finance Institute Professor Thorsten Hens (video in German)



Feb 3, 2016 Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab featured in the Swiss TV News "10vor10"

In this feature news video and online by the Swiss TV news program "10vor10" Thomas Puschmann, head of the newly founded “Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab" explains the role of his lab in the expanding FinTech industry.



Feb 3, 2016 New@IfI: Thomas Puschmann, Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab

As per February 1st, 2016, Thomas Puschmann has set up office at IfI. Thomas Puschmann is head of the newly founded “Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab”. The lab is an interdisciplinary initiative from the Institute of Informatics and the Institute of Banking and Finance and aims at developing innovative concepts and solutions, FinTech focused courses but also at fostering start-ups for and together with the financial services industry. For this the lab works in close collaboration with banks, insurers, providers and start-ups. The department welcomes Thomas Puschmann at IfI and wishes him a good start and lots of success in his new position. For further information please contact: puschmann@ifi.uzh.



June 10, The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab is part of a Swiss radio show on FinTech from SRF.