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Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab

The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab conducts research on topics along the whole financial services value chain. All topics are theoretically grounded and in some areas complemented with protoypes. Among the research topics of the Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab are: 

  • New business models and adaption of regulations: The Swiss FInTech Innovation Lab aims at identifying new business models for financial services companies and analyzes how the adaption of new regulatory requirements can be improved or even lead to new requirements and services. 

  • New modes of customer interaction and behavioural finance: Within the lab novel ways of hybrid client interaction shall be developed and the required intelligent forms of digital identity and privacy and future client platforms will be explored. 

  • New forms of collaboration and operating models: With digitization leading to new cross-industry networks this topic analyzes future digital ecosystems and the role of financial services firms.

  • New forms of communication systems, big data and computer linguistics: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies will be explored as new types of financial market infrastructures which are complemented with open API approaches, data -and sentiment-driven driven services.