The Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab provides students of different faculties the opportunity to write their Bachelor or Master Thesis. Students in informatics, banking and finance, economics, law, electrical engineering, or other related fields from university or ETH are kindly invited to participate in our interdisciplinary research.

The following list provides potential topics for Bachelor or Master Theses:

- Comparing the performance of robo- and client advisors 
- A taxonomy for InsurTech
- Blockchain for smart insurance contracts - The missing pieces
- Requirements of a Blockchain based Swiss financial market infrastructure
- Developing a trading tool for cryptocurrencies

Please feel free to contact us ( if you would like to write a thesis which has its roots in your own ideas. Below is a list of Bachelor and Master theses that were completed or are currently under work:

- Predicting Bitcoin – Gauging the Market for Bitcoin Using Web Search Queries
- Blockchain - (New) Business Models? 
- Die nutzungsrelevanten Faktoren für Mobile Payment Anwendungen in der Schweiz
- Is Blockchain a disruptive Innovation for the Banking Industry?
- Assessing the impact of distributed ledgers in the financial services industry focusing on use cases in banking
- The Impact of Robo-Advisory on the Swiss Wealth Management Industry
- Systematisierung von FinTech-Unternehmen in strategische Gruppen
- Daten und Technologie getriebene Potentiale fü̈r eine Individualisierung der Krankenversicherung in der Schweiz
- Analyse des Social Media Auftrittes der deutschen Immobilien-Crowdinvesting-Plattformen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Optimierungsmöglichkeiten
- Cryptocurrencies issued by national banks
Please feel free to contact us (